“The infinite is in the finite of every instant.”

“Is that all there is?” I would often ask myself this question after a heavy meal or a long day. Sometimes, this question would even take a philosophical turn as I try to analyze life and figure out why we human beings never seem to be satisfied with what we have.

True, we have our needs and as thinking individuals, we cannot help but be ambitious, strategize, and plan ahead. But are we doing so at the expense of the present? My mother is an advocate of living in the moment. She told me that if there is anything that life has taught her, it’s that it’s pretty simple. She also told me not to look so far ahead that I lose focus on what’s happening right now. Being the overachiever that I am, I initially took her advice as lack of support for my vision but now I am beginning to see her point.

Somewhere between the hastily-gulped morning coffee and rush hour traffic, I realized that our entire lives are made up of bits and pieces of experience that are wonderful in their own right. I guess in my hurry to move on to the next goal or the next thrill, I fail to see the wonderful events that are unfolding right before my very eyes. I’m not saying I have lost the will to dream or create goals for myself, I am human after all and the only time I will cease to be ambitious is the day I cease to exist . I have just decided to stop looking at how events or people fit into my plans or schedule. There’s a sense of magic in realizing that the infinitude we all crave is actually encapsulated in various moments that are seemingly finite. A four-year relationship filled with its ups and downs, a kiss shared under the September drizzle, a soulful gaze into the eyes of a person you’ll never see again – these things are beautiful because they are bound by time. We can choose to be bitter when things end, or we can choose to be grateful.

“Is that all there is?” at times, yes, that is all there is and that should be enough.