Joshua Goes To School

“How are you going to introduce yourself in class?” I asked my son for the nth time. This particular topic has been a concern of mine these past few days since my son has been hell-bent on introducing himself as “Yeoshie Baby Ben 10”. As much as I want to be the type of parent who encourages her child to achieve his dream, I draw the line at having him think that he is an alien-fighting superhero.

I need not have worried. My son knew what to say and how to act in class – so much so that I felt, well, unnecessary. Armed with his Ben 10 school supplies courtesy of Rona Morala (Thanks, Boss!), he marched inside the classroom and surveyed the scene with a calm expression on his face. I pulled up a chair in the front row where he sat down and rested his arms at the back of the seat. Someone wailed and Josh turned his attention to the sound and stared at the kid, seemingly irritated.

Aaron then asked if he would be okay and with a nonchalant wave of his hand, my son dismissed us. Just like that. No crying. No whimpering. No begging for Nanay to stick around. Aaron wanted to stay outside the classroom just until Josh was settled but I grabbed his arm and told him there was no need; the little boy was already settled.

He was just like me when I started kindergarten. After my cousin dropped me off, I found myself staring at the kids, wondering why they were asking their parents to stay. It was only today that I realized that parents do not do it for the kids, they do it for themselves. There is something about your kid’s first day that tugs at your heart and reminds you that the little person standing in front of you is about to embark on his own adventure.

I had to go to work that day so I was not able to fetch him. My cousin told me Josh was so exhausted he was already swearing off school. After a slice of cake though, the little tyke was feeling a little more upbeat. I guess he got my independence AND my sweet tooth.