Condensed 30-Day Blog Challenge

It’s my blogsite’s first anniversary (the entries that go beyond April 11, 2012 are retro-posted) and I’ve decided to do something totally cliche to celebrate this day. I remember that back when people spent a lot of time on Multiply (RIP) and Blogger, they often wrote about a 30-day challenge. Call me a late bloomer but it is only now that I got really curious about it and checked the list out myself. I was surprised at how much it resembles the surveys we used to answer during the Friendster era. You know, the ones that were usually titled “I was bored so I did this” or “Got this from (insert name of friend here)”. There are a few topics in the list that would be fun to expound on but in general, I don’t think I would need an entire post to discuss each item. Below is my condensed version of the 30-Day Blog Challenge

1. Five ways to win your heart

Cook me dinner. Do my laundry. Offer to clean the house. Disagree with me at times. Suggest new activities to try out.

Let me explain the first three items. It’s no secret that I’m very undomestic so my idea of a perfect guy is not the basketball player or the crooner. I couldn’t care less about your popularity, I care more about your ability to feed me! If you can do so while keeping my house and clothes clean, then all the better.

The last two items are also very important since I get bored easily.

2. Something you feel strongly about

Respect for other people’s principles. I am appalled at the number of people who assume that political and religious beliefs can be shoved down other people’s throats. We should always be open to dialogue but we should also be aware of our limits. There are things that are very personal and even parents should understand that.

3. A book you love

There are way too many books that fit into this category but if I really need to narrow it down to one, it would have to be The Stranger by Albert Camus.

4. Bullet your whole day

  • Get up
  • Jump in the shower
  • Put on my clothes
  • Go to work
  • Source
  • Interview
  • Eat lunch, if I remember
  • Pester my office mate about shutting off the PC
  • Leave the office
  • Eat dinner
  • Talk to my son
  • Do yoga
  • Brush my teeth
  • Wash my face
  • Read a little
  • Go to bed

5. Things you want to say to an ex

At work and in relationships, it is good to heed Beyonce’s advice – “‘Don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re irreplaceable” .

6. Your views on mainstream music

Music is music. I don’t understand why people get angry when their favorite artists become mainstream. What, you think you’re the only one who has the right to listen to Bjork or Adele? Shouldn’t you be grateful that they’re finally getting the appreciation they deserve?

7. Five pet peeves

Intellectual-wannabes. Women who can’t talk about anything besides clothes and make-up. Religious fanatics. Couples joined at the hip. Guys who think they are God’s gift to women. Gag me with a spoon.

8. What you ate today

A bowl of pasta that tasted bland, half a slice of cheesecake, cookies from my son’s stash.

9. How important you think education is

I obtained my degree while working AND taking care of my son. My college life is a testament to the high premium I place on education. Not everyone is as brilliant as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs so if you drop out of college, your chances of becoming rich or employed are really not that high.

10. Put your music player on shuffle and write the first ten songs that play

  • Reborn by Slayer
  • Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf
  • Mrs. Rita by Gin Blossoms
  • Pure Imagination by Smoking Pope
  • Haunting The Chapel by Slayer
  • Prince of Darkness by Megadeth
  • Tonight by Enrique Iglesias (sexy song)
  • War Nerve by Pantera
  • Tonight by John Legend (another sexy song!)
  • Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again (from ALW’s Phantom of The Opera)

11. Your family

Ma, Tito Boy, Cha, Matt, Yeoshie.

12. Five guys whom you find attractive

  • Enrique Iglesias – muy caliente!
  • Pierce Brosnan – so suave, the perfect James Bond
  • Bono – ubersexual – handsome, talented, socially-aware
  • Gabriel Macht – drool!
  • Tyrese – I just looove how clothes look on him

13. Your opinion about your body and how you comfortable you are with it

I recently got back to my usual body weight so I’m really happy with my body right now. I hate my boobs though and am seriously considering breast reduction.

14. What you wore today

A black shirt that I got for less than a hundred pesos in an ukay ukay and a pair of jeans.

15. Your zodiac/horoscope and if you think it fits your personality

According to western horoscope, I’m a Pisarian or a Pisces-Aries cusp so I am supposedly idealistic and impulsive. Sounds accurate compared to the Pisces description.

In Chinese horoscope though, I’m a fire tiger. It’s easy to imagine what traits this zodiac embodies… and yeah, these traits pretty much describe me. Lol.

16. Something you always think “what if …” about

What if I went to law school? Probably would’ve failed my first sem thanks to my poor memory.

17. Something that you are proud of

Not having stretch marks. Okay, I probably have genetics to thank for that, but still!

18. A problem that you have had

Realizing that I haven’t found my passion yet. It’s akin to being dead, you know.

19. Five items you lust after

An E-book reader, a beer helmet (won’t really be using it for beer but for soda), purple peep-toe shoes, a tub of Haagen-Dazs, and a purple wallet that’s more compact than the one I am currently using. I’m a complicated girl with uncomplicated needs.

20. Your fears

Being eaten alive by backlog after a long holiday. I also suffer from a serious fear of clowns and frogs.

21. How you hope your future will be like

More than comfortable.

22. Your academics

I’d like to think I do well in school. I’m not socially-inept so I can’t really be considered a nerd. I naturally do well in some subjects but there are others that I really need to devote hours of studying to so I can’t be called a natural-born geek. Am I grade-conscious? Definitely.

23. Something that you miss

Going home to our place in Quezon City, to Niania’s cooking. 😦

24. Five words/phrases that make you laugh

Kant’s thoughts. Candidate pooling. Masticate. Mariconera. Auparishtaka.

25. Something you’re currently worrying about

How long it will take before I close my reqs.

26. Things you like and dislike about yourself

I like that I’m persistent; that once I’ve set a goal for myself, I will leap through rings of fire just to achieve it. However, my temper is something I need to keep in check.

27. A quote to try to live by

“No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

28. Somewhere you’d like to move to or visit

Florence or Manhattan.

29. Five weird things that you like

Going to the movies alone (I can watch in silence and don’t need to share my popcorn). Cold pasta. Discussions about death and dying. Fries that are just about to go soggy. Dental appointments.

30. One thing you’re excited about

Death. I am not being morbid or suicidal. I just think it’s a nice reward for having experienced life. Besides, we’re all gonna get there anyway, might as well be excited about our destination.