12 Most Annoying Terms of 2012


2010 banned the phrases that being said andIn these economic times...”, while 2011 left us irritated at words likeviral and epic. This year has its own share of annoying words which cluttered the social media and everyday conversations. Here is my own list of words/phrases which I believe should be left in 2012.

Laters, baby

Aside from the way it was written, there’s another reason for my animosity towards 50 Shades of Grey: the parting salutation made famous by the sadist lead male character. I don’t know which  annoys me more, the hint of domination behind the term “baby” or the inclusion of “s” in the word “later” which has me imagining Christian Grey as Gollum in a suit.

mommy porn

Another cringe-worthy term brought to us by 50 Shades. Well, to be fair, these words aren’t really in the book but they were invented to refer to the type of literature the book represents. I think it’s unfair since a huge chunk of this book’s readers belong to the unmarried and childless population. Most mothers I know actually scoffed at the book’s sex scenes, finding them lame. “You call THAT scandalous?” sneered one friend. Besides, there’s something really disturbing about saying porn and a term of endearment you use for your mother  in the same breath  .

P.S. If you really want “mommy porn”, read Jackie Collins

food porn

Since we’re on the topic of porn already (I have a feeling my blog will be filled with spam comments promoting Viagra, Cialis, and XXX videos soon), here’s another appellation that I just can’t warm up to. Though I know that food, when elaborately styled, can be just as sensual as lovemaking, I am of the opinion that any word related to knocking boots should be left in the bedroom. Also, when I see or hear “food porn”, my mind can’t help but conjure images of Tera Patrick and her posse pouring salad and steak sauce over their naked bodies.

that awkward moment

Here’s an overused phrase we’re all too familiar with. In its lexical definition, an awkward moment is a situation that causes embarrassment. Examples are: buying condoms in the drugstore where your girl friend’s mom is the pharmacist, the silence following a badly-delivered joke, waving back at the stranger you thought was waving at you only to find out that he was waving at the person BEHIND you. Get my drift?

It seems that people have interchanged “awkward” with “random” so posts like “That awkward moment when you find out your crush is in love with your best friend” are found all over Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Honey, the word you’re looking for is “tragic” and it’s the same word I’d use to describe your vocabulary. Get a dictionary.


I don’t know how this word has become a shorthand for “I totally agree”. It seems to lack the street cred that “word” has.

…is love

They say that hate is too strong a word for something you dislike, I say the same goes for love and stuff that you enjoy. Just about anything “is love” for people, from double chocolate ice cream to foot spas to 50% off sales. I admit I sometimes find myself thinking of using this phrase whenever I’m eating chocolates but I stop myself because I know it would be a misnomer. Call me a purist or just plain corny, but I believe very few things are truly representative of love.


It’s ironic that a word used to denote anything or anyone that goes against pop culture has actually become mainstream.


I refuse to read it as a contraction of “Let’s go” and will keep on seeing it as a misspelling of a certain brand of construction toys.


Brekky and breakfast are both pronounced using two syllables. Ditto with dinner and din-din. Din-din is spelled with more characters than dinner. How do people find these words functional and why do they find them cute? You know what’s worse? People have yet to come up with an annoying nickname for lunch.


Funny how a word which originally meant “stolen goods” has evolved into an attribute that is now much-desired by the male specie. I wonder just how many boys claiming “they got swag” have any idea what a “swagman” really looks like. Hint: It ‘s nowhere close to looking like David Beckham or Will Smith.

friend zone

The friend zone is a myth. It’s just a nomenclature used by individuals to comfort themselves when they’re not yet ready to admit that the object of their affection would never be interested in them.


I actually love what these letters stand for; they serve as a great reminder to make the most out of life. However, I have an issue with people using “you only live once” as an excuse to do downright stupid, sometimes even illegal, things. “Slept with a married man #yolo”, “shoplifted a candy bar #yolo”, “did meth with my friends #yolo”. Statements like these make me want to reply with “Nice job #ulol” and no, the letters don’t stand for anything.

I wonder what new words we’ll come up with this 2013. 🙂


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