The universe has a way of revealing you truths when you least expect it. Last Saturday, I had one of these moments.

Our last activity for Spanish Level A 1.2 was extemporaneous speaking. Our professor, Ma. Luisa Young, used this exercise to review all our past lessons. Each one of us was assigned a topic that we had discussed for the past nine meetings: Que Haces Normalmente? (¿What Do You Usually Do? ) Mi Horario (My Schedule), Mis Gustan y Preferencias (My Likes), El Tiempo Atmosferico (The Weather), etc. For some reason, Srta. Young gave me a very different topic: anything under the sun.

I started writing and the words came freely. Well, as free as one can be while grasping for words in Spanish. She gave us around ten minutes to finish our speeches. I wasn’t really keeping track of the time but I was punctuating my last sentence at the exact moment that she said, “Vamos a empezar” (Let’s begin). I felt light after writing my piece. It was as if I just answered a question that has been long troubling me. Of course, she and my classmates thought I was being morbid when I recited the first few lines and I was struggling not to glance at my paper. I apologized for my incoherent rambling and she said “No, that’s fine! Your philosophical roots are showing.”

Perhaps it was a mix of all the philosophies I learned in school, or a synthesis of what I had learned in school and in real life. Or maybe it was something more. At the risk of sounding kumbaya, I don’t think the realization that came to me that time was entirely my own.

La vida es muy complicada.

Trabajamos mucho pero vemos a morir de todos formas. Veo frequente articulos sobre el fin del mundo en Diciembre y pienso este es divertido .

Generalmente, nos gusta la idea de Armageddon pero tenemos miedo de morir.

Es normal pero morir es inevitable.

No sabemos cuando nuestro ultimo dia va a ser, antes o despues 2012? No se. Antes, en 1999, decimos que el fin de mundo es el nuevo milenio, pero seguimos viviendo.

En mi opinion, la vida es complicada porque preocupiamos mucho, hasta punto que olvidamos la verdad que estamos en el mundo por corto tiempo.

Si el mundo llega a su fin el proximo mes, esta bien.

Pero ahora, vivimos. Ahora, existemos.

La vida es simple.


Life is very complicated.

We work hard but we are all going to die anyway. I frequently see articles about the end of the world in December and I think it’s funny.

Generally, we like the idea of Armageddon but we are afraid to die.

This is normal, but to die is inevitable.

We don’t know when our last day on earth is, before or after 2012? I don’t know. Before, in 1999, we said that the end of the world was on the new millennium, but we are still living.

In my opinion. life is complicated because we worry too much, to the point that we forget the truth that we are in this world for only a short time.

If the world will end in December, that’s fine.

But for now, we live. For now, we exist.

Life is simple.

Photo cred: Image taken from the NASA site


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