Leave It In The Basket

Newer isn’t always better. Microblogging may have transformed the way we share news about our daily activities but there are things that ought not be put online.

I admit that in the past, I’ve fallen prey to my impulsiveness and wouldn’t even think twice about going on Facebook or Twitter to update my status about how irked or sad I was at that moment. Fingers flying on my keyboard, I would type and share a status message that was, more often than not, meant for one or two persons only.

It was not until my aunt called me on it that I was able to stop this vulgar habit. She said if I was feeling really contemptuous and wanted attention, I might as well post my message on my target person’s wall instead of embarrassing myself to my friends. She had an excellent point. I observed my FB and Twitter contacts who were fond of discussing private matters online and I realized that no matter how strong a language they used to attack a person, they only end up cheapening themselves. After that, I just kept mum or deactivated my Facebook whenever I felt the urge to post something mean.

Of course there are times that I still use social media to rant; I am still human. But I draw the line at sharing highly intimate details. Your friends shouldn’t have to go through that. I also refuse to use this blog as my avenue. Granted I may only have 2-3 readers, I will not give in to my id and write crap on this site.  That’s what my journal is for.

When I was younger, I gave up on the idea of keeping a diary because my mother would ALWAYS read it. But last year, friend told me that she was tired of using Facebook to rant her ass off so she bought a notebook and poured  out all her sadness and frustrations there. I followed suit and I’m very happy that I did. Some things are meant to be kept private. However, if my mother or someone else would snoop around and decide to read the contents of my journal, it won’t be the end of the world for me. As David Sedaris once wrote, “If you read someone else’s diary, you get what you deserve”.

It’s been almost a year since I went “old school” and I would encourage my temperamental friends to do the same. We gain nothing but notoriety by airing our dirty laundry in public. Let’s just leave it in the basket.



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