Philo Grad ≠ Douche

Please don’t assume the following just because I’m a Philo graduate:

That I will spend my life unemployed since it is a useless course.

I’ve been employed way before I entered college and had no difficulties finding work as an undergrad and as a graduate. Being employed is a combination of the person’s educational background, ability, and willpower.

That it is a useless course.

It is not. You may have read this time and again but the strenuous mental exercises we have been subjected to in college have equipped us with better interpersonal, logical, speaking, and writing skills. Besides, what constitutes a useful course anyway? The rate in which its grads are in demand? Every generation has an “in-demand” course. A course will only be useless if opt not to practice what you’ve learned while studying it.

That I want to be a lawyer, a priest, or a professor.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the aforementioned things are noble professions but there are different career opportunities for philo grads aside from teaching, tending to the flock, or grandstanding. There are Philo grads who went the corporate route, and interestingly, there are even a few who have forayed into IT.

That I constantly want to engage in a debate with you.

I am argumentative by nature so don’t blame my major for that. Besides, I won’t waste time talking to you if all you want to do is present me with fallacious statements. We might as well move on to more productive things.

That I want to discuss politics and religion with you.

I’m traditional when it comes to that. Those are two topics I would likely never get myself into out of respect for other people’s beliefs.

That I’m an atheist.

For the record, I’m not. Though I’m not a fan of organized religion and heavily doubt the existence of heaven and hell, I still believe in a Superior Being.

That I can discuss Kant and Aristotle on command.

From time to time, I may need to consult my notes or (gasp!) Google, to remember what the sages said. Besides, nobody understands Kant.

That everything I say is metaphorical

When I say I need to go to the restroom, there is no subliminal message there. I just really need to go to the restroom.

That I don’t like talking to people.

Reflecting without sharing is not only selfish, it also defeats the purpose of philosophizing.

That I think like Einstein.

Though I know some people who like to think of themselves as intellectuals; Philosophy, in general, has taught me that we only know so little and there is so much to learn in such a short lifetime.

That I have the answers to everything.

Oh I wish I did.

That I walk around with a pained expression on my face brought about by my constant mulling of life.

It’s most probably constipation.

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  • Beauty is not measured by the number of likes on your profile pic.
  • None of us really know the entire story.
  • I respect all forms of belief and non-belief except when it is being shoved down my throat.
  • The closer you think you are to the truth is actually the farthest you are are from it; hence the saying, “Alas, I spoke too soon.”
  • Choose your battles carefully. Sometimes, your enemy’s blood isn’t worthy enough to taint your sword.
  • Use the words “Let’s talk” sparingly. There is a limit at which this sentence can be uttered without eliciting shudders or groans of exhaustion from the other person.
  • Minsan, wala ka nang makain at prinsipyo na lang ang meron ka. Pati ba naman iyon isusuko mo pa?
  • Life is filled with uncertainties. It’s not ironic that planning for your own funeral service makes more sense than planning for your birthday party; it’s simply the way it is.
  • Lie if you must. Just make sure the lie you concocted is believable.
  • Suicide may be an option but at least have the decency to exercise that option thoroughly. Don’t court death half-heartedly and leave your family with a humongous bill or detain them in the ICU for the rest of their lives because your method failed.
  • Pathetic: a person who pretends he has read a well-known book just so he’ll sound intellectual.
  • The pursuit of happiness is futile.
  • Be angry. You’re entitled to it. But realize that as with all things, it has to end too.
  • You can hate the other person all you want but in truth, you’re only doing damage to yourself by harboring resentment.
  • Respect is not only manifested through “po” and “opo”, you can easily cuss someone while adding those words. I’d rather have someone much younger than me address me like we’re the same age as long as he/she exercises honesty.
  • Learning a different language is always a good thing but remember your mother tongue as well. After all, a simple “P*****ina mong h*n*dot ka!” is much more satisfying than saying “f*ck, sh*t, and d*mn” over and over again.
  • You may think of yourself as an artiste but if you keep waiting for that wave of creativity to hit you, you’re no different from an able-bodied individual who just chose to beg on the streets.
  • To keep second-guessing oneself is one of the worst tragedies that can happen to a person.
  • You have to choose. The choices being presented to you may not be to your liking, but you will have to choose.
  • Most of the time, fairness has nothing to do with equality.
  • Look around you. There are other people suffering. That should be enough to stop your whining and belly-achin’ for at least a minute.
  • The statement “Bakla siya kausap” used to refer to men who don’t stick to their word is an injustice to homsexuals. Ditto with “walang bayag” and castrated individuals.
  • The world DOES NOT revolve around you.