I’ll forever be known for my acerbic tongue but I am not immune to the wonderful moments that make me feel grateful to be alive.

It was a Wednesday and I decided to make my day useful by visiting an internet café in SM to research RRL for my paper in Contemporary Moral Theology. Two hours after, I was certain the computer shop was run by crooks coz I ended up paying almost a hundred pesos for rental alone. Fine, they had speedy internet but that’s more appreciated when you’re opening, not I left SM slightly irritated and made my way home.Three blocks from our place, I felt a drop of water on my face.

Convinced it was just from a roof, I continued walking in a sluggish pace, cursing the heat for making me slow. Suddenly, another drop fell on my face, followed by another, and then more. I quickened my pace and used a magazine to cover my head. Not a pedicab was in sight so hailing one was not an option. I was convinced I could reach homebase without getting wet. Not one of my smartest moments.

Before I knew it, the drizzle turned into a complete downpour and I found myself getting soaked. Right in the middle of complaining, I realized resistance is futile so I put the magazine back in my bag and let myself get drenched. Granted, I got a lot of stares and a bunch of “Hoy tanga, sumilong ka!” as my white shirt clung to my body but I decided not to care. It’s been a long time since I let myself get lost in the moment. I was still a kindergarten student when I last played in the rain and since then I’ve been griping about how much I missed being a kid.

As I enjoyed the shower, I couldn’t help but connect it to the experiences I’ve had in life. I’ve encountered many problems, most of which would guarantee a two-part special on MMK but there were also problems which turned out to be good for the soul, just like the unexpected rain. While I stood still and let the drops of rain hit me, I remembered how those seemingly brutal problems turned out to heaven-sent because they were actually solutions to more serious issues. It’s hard when you’re in the actual situation because you’d feel it’s a never-ending deluge but you have to trust that everything is finite.

After a few more minutes of playing and philosophizing, the rain stopped and the sun started shining again… An affirmation that all things, both good and bad, come to an end. Just do your best to BE in the present situation because you might be missing out on a pleasant experience in your haste to get through life.