I turn 30 in a few days. Wow. I’ve been alive for three decades. How cool is that?

Websites like EliteDaily and Thought Catalog tell me that I should have used up my twenties for dating different kinds of men, traveling the world, and hitting the bottle. That could not have been farther from my reality. During my twenties, I became a mom, built a relationship with a man who would eventually become my husband, struggled to finish a degree while working full time, battled depression and anxiety. went to two countries, and affirmed my identity as a teetotaler. Some people comment that I haven’t had it easy. To a certain extent, I agree with them. But what is life without its curve balls? I’ve already made peace with my past and have accepted that life doesn’t always follow a linear progression.

As with many people who have experienced quarter life crisis (boy, am I glad that’s over), there came a time when I wondered what the hell I was here for. I became obsessed about finding my passion. I was desperate to find the key that would unlock all my energy and give me something to look forward to every single day. I wasn’t aware that I was already passionate about several things: thrash metal, coffee, philosophy, Tudor history, writing, gay literature, thanatology, etc. These things get my heart pounding but they failed to sustain me. It was only after a depressive episode that I realized my raison d’être: bringing focus to mental health awareness. I cannot call this my passion as I sometimes get tired of the things I’m passionate about. Instead, I would call this purpose as it requires me to pace myself if I want to be effective in carrying out the tasks associated with it.

I don’t feel sad about leaving my twenties behind. I scoff at articles telling me what I should be doing in my last days as a twenty-something. I’d be crazy to tell people what to do with their lives because each of us have a different set of values which determine what we want and need to do with our existence. The only thing I’m certain of at this point is no matter how carefully you’ve mapped out your future, there will always be something to bring you back to the present moment. Surrender to it. You will always be all right.

Smash The Bell Jar


Smash the Bell JarOn my back is a tattoo of the Greek letters ChiRho. It is believed to be the symbol that was shown to Constantine before going into battle. The sign was supposedly accompanied with the phrase “In hoc signo vinces”. In this sign, conquer.

I had the tattoo done last November. I had no plans to form an empire but I had every intention to conquer that which was slowly trying to kill me.

It is no longer a secret that I have battled with depression and anxiety. When I first wrote about it, I was afraid of how people would react. It’s difficult to admit to mental health issues in a culture that prides itself on resilience and the ability to smile while a storm is raging, literally. I was afraid of how this would affect my job, as well. Then I realized that this fear of being labeled cuckoo for cocoa puffs was the one thing I had to overcome if I wanted to help myself and other people. So I made a pact with a good friend to come out of the closet together. We blogged about our condition on the same day and hit publish together.

Within a few hours, my blog had a lot of hits and I was receiving messages of support from friends and strangers alike. They said it was a relief to find out that they were not alone, that there are people like them who also had difficulty getting up in the morning not because they had a good time the night before but simply because they saw no reason to rise from the bed. One friend said that she felt I had written her inner monologue.

The feedback surprised me. I was not expecting the outpouring of love and appreciation from so many people. I also did not realize that a handful of my friends and acquaintances have had to seek professional help to cope with their own mental health issues. Admitting to everyone that I had a black dog cleared a path for me, one that I never thought I’d be treading.

It suddenly dawned on me that my purpose in life is to promote mental health awareness and help people break their bell jars. Don’t get me wrong, I am not forgetting my role as a researcher, graduate student, unconventional mother to my son, and personal bombshell to my husband. It’s just that when you’re in the throes of depression, none of these roles or titles are important. You can’t tend to your responsibilities efficiently because there is a vortex of dark emotions (and sometimes, nothingness) that sucks the pleasure out of everything. I think of depression as a thief that robs people of their birthright to enjoy life.

To serve as support system for people who battle mental health disorders is a daunting task for me. After all, what do I know? I’m not a doctor. I don’t have a psychology degree. Heck, I myself work at keeping my black dog on a tight leash. What I do know though is that depression is not something that a person should have to go through alone. This was made even clearer to me when a friend who suffers from bipolar disorder told me about the dark thoughts that were swirling in her head. I sometimes feel anxious because I’m not physically there to help her. There are also times that I’d get emotionally exhausted at having to feel so much but as my husband pointed out, “When you commit to someone, you don’t give up when you’re tired. You rest and then you get back up.”

So I’m committing myself to mental health awareness. I promise to keep my lines open for people who want to talk about what’s bothering them. I pledge to set aside 5% of my earnings to subsidize treatments. I promise to be gentle with people who don’t understand what it’s like for people like us and freely use the terms “saltik, baliw, may sayad” to describe us.  These people suffer not from disorders but from ignorance and educating them should be part of mental health advocacy.

My sledgehammer is ready. Let’s smash some bell jars.

No Te Enamores


No te enamores de una mujer que lee, de una mujer que siente demasiado, de una mujer que escribe…

No te enamores de una mujer culta, maga, delirante, loca.

No te enamores de una mujer que piensa, que sabe lo que sabe y además sabe volar; una mujer segura de sí misma.

No te enamores de una mujer que se ríe o llora haciendo el amor, que sabe convertir en espíritu su carne; y mucho menos de una que ame la poesía (esas son las más peligrosas), o que se quede media hora contemplando una pintura y no sepa vivir sin la música.

No te enamores de una mujer a la que le interese la política y que sea rebelde y vertigue un inmenso horror por las injusticias. Una a la que le gusten los juegos de fútbol y de pelota y no le guste para nada ver televisión. Ni de una mujer que es bella sin importar las características de su cara y de su cuerpo.

No te enamores de una mujer intensa, lúdica y lúcida e irreverente.

No quieras enamorarte de una mujer así.

Porque cuando te enamoras de una mujer como esa, se  ella contigo o no, te ame ella o no, de ella, de una mujer así, JAMAS se regresa.

 –Martha Rivera-Garrido

Mind Games


“It’s all in your head.”

How many times have I heard that before?

Just because it’s all in my head doesn’t mean it doesn’t infiltrate every fiber of my being. Many poignant pieces have been written by people who have gone down this route and each essay, poem, blog post, or whathaveyou has been praised as brave and authentic and hauntingly beautiful… but there is nothing beautiful when you are the one battling demons.

On paper, your life is good, you have a job, family and friends who love you back, and hobbies that should be keeping you entertained, yet there are days when you don’t want to get out of bed and nights when you think it won’t be much of an issue if you don’t wake up tomorrow. You are afraid to tell others because they may not understand and you just want to convince yourself that nothing is wrong with you. That this, too, shall pass. You get mad at yourself for feeling this way because other people are financially worse off but seem to manage better. Or maybe they are just as good as hiding it as you are. You go to Church, hoping for a miracle but you feel stupid and a failure as a Christian because you cannot seem to appreciate the life that has been given to you. So you keep it all to yourself until it becomes too much and it boils over to the surface. One minute you are okay, the next you are raving mad at someone for failing to get your order right. Sometimes you cry just because the crumpled paper you meant to shoot in the trash bin misses its mark. Every emotion is magnified and you are desperate for a way to release this pain from your body. You finally decide to tell others. Most of them are sympathetic, others not so much.

“It’s all in your head.”

Yes, it’s all in my head and that’s what makes it more frightening. The fact that it’s inside me and I cannot challenge it to a duel or a wrestling match or a flip-top battle.

Depression is real and ugly. I wish I didn’t know this from first-hand experience but I do. I’ve been there and hated every minute of it. I hated feeling powerless over my thoughts despite the number of self-help books I’d devour to make myself feel better. I hated dealing with people who told me I should quit being so dramatic. I hated not being able to tell anyone at the risk of being judged. I hated myself for being weak and ashamed of my condition. I was known as a strong, independent woman and while the rest of the world saw that, my mind only saw myself as a helpless soul chained by depression.

But then the time came when I couldn’t take it anymore and had to choose between my desire to live and the thing that was eating me alive. And so early this year I sought therapy. Some friends thought it was ludicrous, the idea of paying someone to hear you talk. A few even volunteered to be my sounding board if I just pay them instead but there is no substitute for a real professional. The money I spent in therapy was the best money I ever spent in my entire life. I hated the first two sessions because they brought to light the deepest pains and angst I thought were safely buried in a long-forgotten place but there can never be true healing without probing. With each session, I felt better and more in control of my thoughts and my reactions towards the rest of the world. My mind became a friendlier place to live in and I became more at peace with the thoughts that take place in it every second.

But it is never over. One simply isn’t just “done” with therapy because even though my therapist said that I was good to go, my work to choose more positive thoughts is to be done daily.

Why am I sharing this story? Because I found out that a former classmate has succumbed to her battle with depression and it breaks my heart knowing that someone so beautiful and smart and vivacious has had to fight with demons. We never went beyond hi, hello, and good morning in class yet I could relate to her because of her pain. If this post can encourage at least one person to seek help, then I have served my purpose.

People who are battling cancer and other illnesses are praised for being courageous but the world isn’t as supportive to those who struggle with mental illness. If you feel that your most of your days are bleaker than usual, I beseech you to seek help. You are a beautiful creature worthy of a happy life and no matter how you may be feeling right this minute, YOU ARE LOVED. I am just a text, tweet, message, or e-mail away.

Daddy Dearest

29 years. I have lived for 29 years without knowing the sound of your voice. There are a lot of things I do not know about you. What you look like in person, what sets you off, what makes you smile, what makes you proud of an offspring, what family diseases you’ve inherited and passed on to me, what makes your day, what breaks your soul.

There are a lot of things you don’t know about me as well. You don’t know the things I like, how determined I am when I want something, my kooky sense of humor that Mama insists I got from you, my achievements, my aspirations, and my heartaches. Most of all, you don’t know that you are the cause of my biggest heartache.

I’ve dated a handful of jerks. I’ve had days when I went through pints of ice cream and nights when I muffled my sobs with a pillow. Even now that I’m married to a guy who adores me and whom I love in return, there are still times when my emotions get exhausted and all I want is let out a good cry after an argument. But nothing, absolutely nothing comes close to the crushing pain you’ve put me through.

Daddy issues. That’s the name they’ve given to problems that crop up in women who’ve had absentee fathers. Some women become promiscuous; others date emotionally unavailable men; all in vain efforts for daddy to notice them. As for me, I strived to do well in school. I enjoyed the accolades but subconsciously I’d think to myself that the moment you find out you have a smart daughter, you’d regret leaving my mother while she was pregnant with me.

I was desperate for you to acknowledge me as your offspring. I wanted nothing more but to receive a letter or a phone call from you. I wanted to share something else with you besides the weird last name. Every year my mother would ask me “what did you wish for?” after I blew out the candles on my birthday cake and each time I would answer “to meet my father”. She’d laugh but I can only imagine the pain she felt each time she found out the answer.

As I grew older, I grew bitter with resentment at this man who never took the time to know me despite the numerous attempts to reach out to you. And over the years I found out that I wasn’t as successful at compartmentalizing as I thought I was. There are times I have been unnecessarily mean to my husband because I am jaded and afraid that he will do to me what you have done to my mother.

But after 29 years, I think it’s about time to move on. That you’re in the Philippines and my request to see you has fallen on deaf ears is enough indication that you do not want me in my life and I’m rather unsure why I wanted you in my life either. You do not deserve to meet me and I do not deserve this heartache. I forgive myself for all the years I pined for you, for believing that you and I will ever have a normal father-daughter relationship, for the dysfunctional relationship patterns I have created over the years, for my commitment phobia, for being angry, and for being sad all because of one man.

Because you see, I may have issues like any other person but you, daddy dearest, have bigger ones.

“Daddy, daddy, you bastard, I’m through.” – Sylvia Plath

10 Thoughts that Ran Through My Mind as I Followed the Twerk It Like Miley Trend

1. Wtf is this?!
2. Hmm… some of these guys are kinda cute. I wonder if they’re straight.
3. Nope. Definitely not.
4. Oh, who cares? They’re still cute.
5. Note to self, show this to Pao.
6. Should you really twerk like Miley? Doesn’t Riri do a better job at it?
7. Crap. I’m gonna be LSS-ing to this the entire day.
8. Okaaay! Ugly guy alert! Next video please!
9. If my husband uploads a topless vid of himself singing to this or ANY song at all, I’m filing for annulment.
10. I give up. Boy Landi, save me please!

Forever, For Now


There seems to be a mania sweeping the nation. Day in and day out, I see my Facebook contacts mulling over the concept of forever. The source of this conundrum remains a mystery to me. Was it brought about by a movie or by hours of sitting in the Manila traffic during rush hour? Either way, it is a concept that divides people into Team #mayforever and Team #walangforever. I myself have joined the bandwagon at one point, cracking a joke that my son believes “may forever” as he told his grandmother “Bebe hindi tayo maghihiwalay. Forever mo akong apo”. (It sounded like a threat to Mama, and she is still recovering.)

What is forever and why do we obsess over it?

A salvo of words immediately comes to mind when we are asked to provide synonyms for forever: eternal, endless, for always are just a few. But are these the really the things we pertain to when we sound off our thoughts on forever? Forever means exactly that: forever. It transcends time, death, mood swings, and diarrhea. It does not cease the minute your cellphone battery dies. Forever has existed way before you did and will continue to do so after you die – which makes the the idea of mortals going after forever a little absurd. We yearn for forever yet our existence remains finite.

Crushes, flings, friendships, even marriage, all these connections are temporary because we ourselves are temporal beings. The finite nature of relationships is what makes it more special. We plunge into a relationship and embrace the ecstasy and pain that come with it because we know it has an ending. This does not mean that we are masochists or idiots, this only means that we are human and that our mortality makes us long for that which is eternal. We must remember though, that the infinite is in the finite of every moment. We don’t have to kill ourselves in our search for “forever” because “for now” can be just as wonderful.

The Hesitant Mother


The world just celebrated Mother’s Day last Sunday and I enjoyed every bit of pampering I got from my husband and took pleasure in responding to every greeting that was sent to me via Facebook and text messaging. But let me confess one thing: I have not always enjoyed motherhood.

I was not ready when I had Josh. I was angry, depressed, hurt, scared – I was a lot of things but happy when I found out I was having a kid. Motherhood was something I had never envisioned for myself. My goals were to graduate with honors, get a masters degree, get a law degree, be a polyglot, and travel the world. I did not see myself saddled with domestic responsibilities. One moment. It only took a moment for my life to take a 180-degree turn. As I saw the two strips turn bright pink, I cried knowing that things will never be the same again. The entire nine months went by in a haze of crying fits and bouts of morning sickness. I was miserable. Even more so when I gave birth to my son after 10 hours of labor. The minute Joshua was placed on my stomach, I tried hard to look for that spark of maternal instinct but there was none. I felt alienated from my own child. I did the things that are expected of a mother – staying up late, anticipating bottle feedings and diaper changes, working while studying to make sure he has milk and nappies – but I did them out of a sense of obligation, not love. I thought I was a horrible monster to not be as attached to my son as other mothers are to their own children. Looking back, wish I had been easier on myself. Truth is, the bond between children and mothers doesn’t come immediately for all. I blame Johnson & Johnson’s commercials for feeding us with the idea that mothers automatically turn into Donna Reed the minute their child grabs their pinky – that carrying them in your womb for three trimester automatically ascertains your falling in love with them. In my case, it took about six months for me to appreciate the little creature who inherited my eyes and my temper, and another year to realize that I love him. The bond doesn’t always come instantaneously and I’m sending a big digital hug to mothers who are in the same place as I was back then. Forgive yourselves for not being the perfect mother that society expects you to be. It’s okay to feel sad, to feel different, to feel tired.

Motherhood is exhausting and scary, yes, but it also opens you up to the idea that no matter how long it took or will take you to get there, you are capable of loving someone other than yourself and your shoe collection. Prepare yourself for the toll that it will take on your physical and emotional well-being but also be ready for those times that your kid will you with gestures that make rethink their age. I was fortunate to have such moment this morning when my son sidled up next to me, intertwined his fingers with mine, and whispered, “Nanay, I love you.”

It may have been six days late but it was the best Mother’s day greeting I’ve had so far. Some things may take longer than usual but it doesn’t make the result any less beautiful.

My 2014 In Review

If the past year can be encapsulated in a single statement, it would be called “the year of major changes”. For so long I yearned to get out of my comfort zone and the chance or chances to do so finally cropped up in 2014.

January – Got accepted as a headhunter at TeleDevelopment. Took me three days to realize that no matter how good the pay is, my interests do not lie in human resource development.

February – Aaron and I celebrated our fifth year of being a couple, we also went out on out first Valentine’s dinner date together and swore it would be our last (that stuff is overrated!)

March – Threw our church wedding plans to the wind and decided to get married in a very simple civil ceremony with only two people in attendance. This, of course, prompted others to ask if I was pregnant. Like, seriously? We’ve been engaged since 2012 and some people still think we rushed into it?

April – Prepared a three-course meal for the family and no one was rushed to the hospital for food poisoning. Yes, this is a monumental occasion that deserves to be included in my 2014 highlights.

May – Changed careers by applying for and getting the Research and Advocacy Specialist role at Employers Confederation of the Philippines

June –  Learned that Josh got accelerated to prep. Hurray for natipid na tuition!

July – Work cancellation and class suspension meant days dedicated to series marathons

August – Was regularized early at work and given an increase whoo!

September – Went on my first travel abroad – Cambodia – to represent the employers sector at the NSSF Workshop on Good Practices and Implementation of Employment Injury Insurance and Health Insurance Schemes

October – Had my very first exposure to quantitative research with the Corporate Compensation Survey 2014

November – Finished my audit classes and formally enrolled in course work in graduate school

December – Organized an 80’s Christmas party for the office

2014 was a year of firsts for me and despite the nights of wondering what the heck I was doing with my life, the decision to get out of my comfort zone was definitely worth it. I’m looking forward to more positive changes this 2015!

Of Coffee Cups and Pyramids

The message came from a high school classmate I have not talked to in years. “Free ka ba ng Monday?” she typed. Thinking it was a message meant for another person I replied, “Wrong send ka yata?” She said she wasn’t mistaken, that the message was meant for me and that she wanted us to meet for coffee. Being burned one too many times by invitations such as this, I bluntly asked her “What for?” to which she answered, “May ipe-present kasi ako sa iyo baka magustuhan mo.

Just as I thought, another Multi-level marketing (MLM) pitch. I graciously turned down her invitation and resumed my office duties.

Two things can be taken from the paragraph above: One – I should not be opening my Facebook account while in the office and two – MLM is a pandemic that shows no signs of slowing down. I am pretty sure that one in three of my Facebook friends have been propositioned for a coffee meeting and perhaps some of them might have even been gullible enough to take the bait. I can’t blame them, these people seem pretty sincere when they’re asking you how you are and telling you how they are excited to see you after all these years. You might even enjoy the conversation, but then comes the sales pitch and you find yourself doing all sorts of diva hands just to reinforce that you are not interested. “But it’s a pretty foolproof way to earn money!” they argue. “I have not even been doing this for two months but I’m earning thousands of pesos per week.” For chrissakes do not, under any circumstances, give in to the get-rich scheme. If that person really has been earning tons of cash per week, then he/she should be inviting you to a steak dinner and not to measly cup of coffee with no refills. I do not blame the Juan de la Cruz who gets sucked in to MLM scams. Every one of us dreams of being able to pull in millions without so much as a sneeze. But you have to draw the line between dreams and reality.

Weeks ago, I was talking to a co-worker who said she has joined a lot of networking businesses. I almost fell out of my seat laughing when she said that one of the products she had to sell were special sanitary pads. Now I’m a person who hoards sanitary pads and I use three types per cycle so you can say I have no problems doling out cash for breathable covers and wide wings, but the product she mentioned was ridiculous. It claimed to regulate hormones, prevent pimples, and all sorts of stuff. Maybe it even prevents cancer, I can’t be sure as I was too busy laughing. On a more serious note though, the extent in which some people stretch themselves for multi-level marketing has gone borderline cult-like. My co-worker was lucky to have snapped out of it early enough but others are not so lucky. Here are people who do not care if they burn connections as long as they tell anyone and everyone on Facebook that their brand is the holy grail of health/weight-loss/skin-whitening/vagina-tightening products. They’ll even cite celebrities to back up their claims. Though I do not doubt that these celebrities use, and at some point, endorse their products I don’t think they do it as zealously as some of our Facebook friends. To be fair, the products these people are selling are quite good (hence, the expensive tag price), but the manner in which they are distributed is kind of shady if you ask me. Instead of focusing on selling the products, the heads of MLM schemes prioritize the recruitment of people who need to cash out for membership and training. Then, when they’re on the inside, they are also tasked to recruit other people who, depending on the program, may or may not contribute to the upline’s (recruiter’s) income. This system really perturbs me, what happens when they hit market saturation?

Is this really the way to earn money now? By being “exclusive distributors” and by building pyramids where only the people on top get to enjoy the riches? Should we dedicate an entire business program in colleges to study this format? Is it just a fad that will run its course or is it something we will all catch, one coffee cup at a time?